Friday, August 29, 2008


Something amazing and incredible happened this morning. Something I'd been waiting for months to say finally came to be.

In our weekly team meeting, as per usual the conversation had become peppered with "That's what she said" lines from the estimator.

Mitch: Hey guys, can we please stop with all the sexual innuendo?

Bone Junior: In YOUR endo!

So I admit that I totally ripped this line from "Scrubs", but I've been waiting for SO LONG for the perfect opportunity to use it, that I don't care if it's stolen - the pay off was worth it.


li'l mil said...

If you had any more character, I don't know what they'd do with you.

(I can think of lots to do with you, but I just think they'd be a little overwhelmed.)

LecNessMonster said...

You know what is eerily strange?

I had a conversation about Scrubs, and about this line, today with Kate. She said it to me.

Planets are ready to collide or something Lady. This is crazy.

Andi Mae said...

Yes, but when other people don't KNOW it's stolen, then you come off looking like a genius!