Monday, August 25, 2008

Character Witness

This weekend, on our way home from the pool, Nicole and I were comparing sun damage. She gets cute freckles all across her shoulders while I am uniformly the color of deck stain.

Bone Junior: I wish I got freckles like you. It adds character.

Nicole: (Sigh) Bone Junior, if you had any more character, I don't know what I'd do with you.

Case in Point: If you ever get pulled over for going 64 in a 35, make sure the cop has a sense of humor before handing him this when he asks for your license and registration:Otherwise he might threaten to slap you with falsely identifying yourself along with a hefty speeding ticket. Hypothetically.


HPLuvr said...

*sigh* if that ain't the truth.

Erin said...

please tell me this really happened. and why doesn't stuff like this happen when I am with you?

Andi Mae said...

I give up on blogging. There's nothing even remotely as interesting EVER happening to me.

So when's your court date in Graceland?