Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T.I.L.T. - Things I Love Tuesday

I started working on this post yesterday, when it actually was Tuesday. Deal with it. And, actually there was only one thing I really loved about Tuesday...

Fighting the man and winning. Back in August, my poor windshield was absolutely destroyed as a result of humongous construction trucks doing work on the freeway. After four months of phone calls, incident reports, insurance records, and a very strongly worded letter, the contractor finally agreed to replace my windshield. This is a huge victory for me, because over the past four months of litigation, no one believed in me. Everyone told me this was a lost cause, that I was wasting my time, that the contractor would basically tell me to go jump in a lake. To which I usually shouted, "This might be a losing battle, but I'm NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!" And I'm pretty sure I actually did shout that, while shaking my fist, at least once.

What everyone seemed to forget was that I usually get my way. As Yanaj once counseled the teenager behind the counter of the water ice place here (who wanted to charge me fifty cents to add a ribbon of chocolate syrup to the vanilla custard. FIFTY CENTS!), "You might as well save yourself the time of arguing with her, because she's gonna get what she wants anyway." And four months later, I have a brand new windshield. A small victory for the little guy.

In other news, I was able to enjoy a weekend in Seattle for Yanaj's wedding. It was a whirlwind 72 hours, filled with rain, thunder, lightning, more rain, and Yanaj's wedding. Please to enjoy.

Let's start with the gifts I bestowed upon Yanaj, shall we?

The ENTIRE SET OF ROCKY DVD'S! Also, I don't know why Nicole is flipping the bird...
Sexual position of the day book. My favorite is called The Ottoman Bottoman.

I think the title says it all.
Me eating lasagna for the first time in seventeen years.

See, Yanaj? I really DID eat your stupid lasagna.

The three old roommates.

Nicole introduced me to "threading". Surprisingly painless, despite how the picture looks.

Yanaj and Paul

Emily, me, Yanaj, Nicole

Nicole, me, Emily

And this is absolutely my favorite picture from the whole weekend. Because no one looks good and I think all of our faces are hilarious. And yes, Paul is wearing spats.


HPLuvr said...

I love the photo of us being...not us..? So happee that you came here too.

andi said...

Wow, I missed something! I didn't know Yanaj got married- and I like your dress :)

Josh and Gloriana said...

so happy that you are back! i missed you!