Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feliz Cumplianos, Amigas!

Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend, Heather. Today, she is thirty, flirty and thriving! Please tell me SOMEONE knows what movie that is from...and Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend Andi! She is twenty-eight? I think? She is great with child and looks amazing.

Heather and I met in August 2001 when I moved into Southridge Apartments and she was already living there. That year of living together was adventurous to say the least. I literally have hours and hours of video footage of Heather and me doing pranks. Or, mostly me doing pranks to Heather. Like the time I set up the camera across from her bed, and I hid in her bed FOREVER waiting for her to come to bed. Seriously, I waited, squished down between the bed and the wall. Forever. Then when she came into the room, she totally didn't even react to me jumping up and scaring her. Totally anticlimatic.

Now that I think about it, a lot of my pranks have turned out that way. Just ask Yanaj. One time, I hung a life sized Elvis cardboard cutout from her ceiling, thinking that she'd freak out when she turned the light on because OH MY GOSH THERE'S A MAN IN A GOLD SUIT HOLDING A GUITAR HANGING FROM MY CEILING but no. Nothing. She just sighed and said, "Oh, Bone Junior!"

Then there was the time when I hid in Yanaj's closet, waiting for her to come back from the bathroom so I could jump out and scare her. At the time, Yanaj had a curtain covering her closet, so there I sat, crouched behind the curtain (which I was able to see through), waiting...and waiting...and waiting. When she finally came out of the bathroom, I was all ready to pounce, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then she started taking her clothes off.

My eyes were squeezed shut as I contemplated what to do. Do I jump out and scare her now, when she's half undressed and then she'll think I was sitting there watching her get undressed which is totally creepy, and which I totally wasn't doing. And she'd totally be embarassed if she thought I'd seen her half naked (which she totally shouldn't be embarassed about because Yanaj once saw my entire bare ass reflected in a mirror by accident.) Or do I just sit and wait until she leaves the room and not even tell her I was in there, but then I wasted a totally good scare!!

I think eventually she left the room and I snuck out without her knowing. I'm sure I told her about it later though. It's just one more story for the books of Yanaj and Bone Junior.

So what started out as a celebratory birthday post for two of my friends has turned into a post about me. Hey, it's my blog. Happy birthday, Heather & Andi!


Scratch Subtle said...

Why would we read your blog only to hear about someone else? Bone Junior is who we came for. Bone Junior is what we want.

That sounds like a slogan for a mayoral campaign. Something to think about.

Scratch Subtle said...

Only a crazy person would read your blog hoping to hear about someone else.

Bone Junior is who we want. Bone Junior is what we NEED.

Sounds like a mayoral campaign. Something to think about.

li'l mil said...

I'm with Yanaj on that mayoral campaign idea. I mean, gosh, just THINK of the dirt the competition could dig up on you and you'd do what? Stand there and say, "Uh, yeah. So?" You'd be a shoe in.

li'l mil said...

Oh, and then you'd jump out from behind the podium and yell. And your competition would sigh and say, "Oh, Bone Junior."

Done and done.

andi said...

Ha- you and closets...and people being undressed...I seem to remember something like that, too. Thanks for the b-day shout out- love you!

The Mad Scientist said...

Ummm... yeah.

Normally people have to pay $2.99 per min. to hear about pranks like that...

$teve said...

See you could've had your cake & eat it too. "So she got dressed afterwards with my eyes wide as saucers...and then AAAAAAAH!!! You could hear the fear squishing through her as I fell to the ground laughing. I ended up having to buy her a new pair of shorts but it was the best $24.99 I've ever spent. Thank Yanaj!!!"

Oh well, the moment has passed... :)

Lilie said...

"13 Going on 30"!

Heather said...

A blog b-day wish?! It's all I could hope for. Thank you!

I think if I could have seen one moment of your life it would have been when you tried to jump--literally--into the shower. Oh man! Yes, you were nakey and yes, there were mirrors, but my vision would have been blurred due to the copious laughter tears.