Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a Small World After All

I hope you have that song stuck in your head now.

With the construction industry slowing down, I've been keeping my eyes open for job openings in the area. I've been going through a very rigorous interview process with one agency - I'm talking three rounds of interviews, testing, and a fifty-page background check. The applicant pool has been narrowed down from 80 to 5, and I'm still in the running. Needless to say, I wanted to make a good impression on these potential employers.

So a few weeks ago, when I got a random email from someone I didn't know, I started to sweat a little. Please to enjoy the fruits of my blog - here's the email I got from a girl named Aubrey:

"Randomly awkward comment alert:

I work [at the place that's been interviewing you]. I have also been blog stalking you for a while now. (I am friends with a girl whose cousin knows your sister in PA...who also happens to work here. anyway.)

We were talking today about the possible candidates for our new job posting and who interviewed with our chief and captain, and I caught the last of the conversation of "...her last name is [Bone]..." so I tuned in, and they said your first name, and I was all, HEY I know her!

So, naturally they asked how I know you and what I thought about you. It was really awkward when I had to admit to everyone that okay, I don't ACTUALLY know you, but, erm, I blog stalk you. So it's sort of the same. just creepier.

Who knows, maybe you can have MY job when they let me go for mental health issues.

P.S. also, when they asked what I thought about you, the only 2 things that popped into my mind were a. boob job and b. she really likes batman and Elvis.

no worries. My brain worked faster than my mouth and neither of these were actually brought up."

Thank goodness I'd read this email before going back in to meet with them, otherwise I probably would've peed myself when the captain said, "Oh, one of our girls here reads your blog!"

So thanks for your email, Aubrey - it made me laugh out loud. And thanks for not telling the chief and captain that what stands out most about me is the boob job - because I already told them about Elvis.


Scratch Subtle said...

But did you tell them about your Elvis conspiracy theories? That's what defines true commitment to the job.

li'l mil said...

Although, if she HAD mentioned your love of Batman, it may have increased your chances a bit, don't you think?

I mean, your potential job is kind of like answering the Batsignal, right? And you totally "get" working with the Commissioner and all that. And remember how you were just telling me that your totally rich, spoiled lifestyle leaves you wanting more out of life?

$teve said...

I'm always afraid that one day my employer will read my blog...and then I have no idea where it would go from there...but I'm guessing not well. :)

Good luck with the job. You won't need the luck...but still. :)

Marostica said...

Why not give the girls a shout out? If you get hired that means they're hired too! You're a package deal! Good luck job hunting.