Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catch Me If You Can...And Apparently You Can

You know what's funny? Getting pulled over on the SAME ROAD twice in 48 hours.

You know what's annoying? Getting a ticket the first time, but a warning the second time.

You know what's really freaking sweet? Having the second cop ask you if you're aware that it's a federal offense to deface official state documents...Oh, you mean this defacing of official state documents, officer?
That's right. Permanent marker on my license plate.

I told the officer that the real crime here was the defacing of my beloved Eagles, not the defacing of official state documents. He didn't laugh, then told me to get some Goof Off and get rid of it.

Thanks again to the superintendents I work with for helping me to create this post.


Andi Mae said...

Way to go- you're on Utah County's Most Wanted list. There it is- "Sashie", wanted for speeding and license plate tagging. Yep, that about sums up Provo.

Whatcha waiting for? Go clean that license plate!

$teve said...

BASTAGES!!! That cop should definitely give them a ticket. I actually got my first parking ticket ever...on my last night in Salt Lake City. How f**ked up is that?

Emily Garrick said...

That is awesome! Way to stand up for your beloved Eagles! Em

hizznizzle said...

Holy Sh** I would love to shake the hand of the perp that pulled that one off. I don't know who you are mystery man, but you are getting a standing golf clap as we speak. Well done. What a good prank.


Mil said...

are you sure you didn't write that?

The Mad Scientist said...

Cops really need something better to do with their time.

In fact, most of them have a severe case of "Little Man" symdrome, and that would account for the secon one being such a humorless prick.

Erin said...

you've got to be kidding me! you should make the goof off who wrote that on your plate, use Goof Off to clean it. and why do you always get the cops that don't have a sense of humor.