Monday, September 29, 2008

In My Face

So I guess you're tired of watching me and Zac doing the dance of love...

I steal most of my good lines from the tv show Scrubs. In your endo, the moth joke, etc. One of my favorites is the number one best comeback of all time: "So's your face." I say it to almost everything, especially when it doesn't make sense.

When the accountant told me that my budget was off? "So's your face."

When the excavator said that the house we're working on is ugly and lopsided? "So's your face."

When the superintendent texted me that he saw me staring at my own boobs? "So's your face."

After delivering all these primo insults, I was a little taken aback when the Spanish-speaking tile guy (who last week, when he asked if I was Mexican and I said no; then asked if my mother was Mexican) used my own line against me.

Bone Junior: The tile in the kitchen looks really good.

Tile Guy: So's your face.

Bone Junior: Blink blink. Um, what?

Tile Guy: Your face looks good.

Bone Junior: I don't speak Spanish...

And that's how well I take a compliment.


$teve said...

That's how you take a compliment? In your endo? That's kinky. :)

Josh and Gloriana said...


li'l mil said...

Ok, Steve's comment almost made me pee a little.

Also, you know, you could be married by now if you weren't so doggone "flip." Even to Spanish-speaking tile guys.

The Mad Scientist said...

I don't speak spanish either. All the kids in my neighbor hood start saying stuff in that funny language... things like "you ran over my puppy!"

... whatever that crap means.