Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Your Face, Hizznizzle

Today I found an article on MSN that ranked the ten best fan bases in the NFL. Hizznizzle, and all Cowboys fans, please to enjoy the results.

#10 - Dallas Cowboys

This fan base, which was really a bunch of bandwagon jumpers during the Aikman-Irvin-Emmitt dynasty, transformed into diehards. With fans in every city, "America's Team" has become wildly popular. Simple folks flock to the star and seem to be enamored with it, but the rules about cheering for a team you have no connection with is still a violation.

#9 - Chicago Bears

Where else can you not put any kind of offensive threat on the field for 20-some years and still have a packed stadium every season? Bears fans come out regardless of the terrible management keeps rolling out players such as Grossman, Orton, Griese, Benson, Salaam, Enis, etc.

And the number one fan base in the NFL IS.....

#1 - Philadelphia Eagles

Some might call this biased, but the most passionate fans in all of sports are without question Philadelphia Eagles fans. They're cold-blooded and probably give KC a run for their money as being the loudest. They are by far the most knowledgeable fans in the league, and invented the perfect "boo." What cemented Philadelphia fans' reputation as the most amoral, loathsome collection in sports is famously called The Booing of Santa Claus. You would boo and throw snow balls too if Santa came out drunk in a half-done costume. Eagles' fans must deal with sports owners whose actions have not produced a champion in 25 years. The Eagles haven't hoisted a championship flag in 48 years, but the waiting list for season tickets is so long that you could sell out three stadiums full of Eagles fans for games.And this is where my gloating begins - it's officially football season!!


Andi Mae said...

Yeah, my hub is equally as excited. Sigh. See you all in February.

(Unless we're talking college football!)

li'l mil said...

I heard about some national fantasy football league that winner takes home a MILLION bucks. You should do it. And then split it with me, since I told you about it.

Rose said...

When you go out on dates do you tell the guy how much you love football? Add that to your new tatas and I see "perfect wife" in the future.

$teve said...


Just so you know, I wore my green Eagles shirt yesterday to the Al Green concert...and he noticed & gave a shout-out. Representin' :)

Erin said...

All I have to say to that is.... E-A-G-L-E-S!

hizznizzle said...

Congratulations you are much better at supporting a crappy football team then me.

There I said it.

You being better then me at supporting craptacular performance is like saying your better than me at punching yourself in the nose.

I am sure the Chicken hawks will still find a way to lose to the team known only as DA' BEARS.

Let the trash talking begin.

Kyle and Jamie said...

HIIII!!! I just want you to know that I am in second place with my family picks because I chose Phili!!! Miss you!