Monday, February 08, 2010

Another Gmail Chat Between Friends

Bone Junior: So can I tell you a secret and you promise not to judge me?

Yanaj: Of course, but remember, you already told me about [something super embarrassing that will never ever be repeated ever]

Bone Junior: I'm having a movie quote war with my dad and I'm totally cheating. I look every quote up on Google. I don't think he knows how to do that.

Yanaj: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is so many kinds of awesome that I can't even handle it.

Bone Junior: He's giving me quotes from movies like "Patton". Really, dad??

Yanaj: ohmygosh.

Bone Junior: Then he gave me one from a freaking RADIO show. What the hell, dad. How am I supposed to prove my movie quote superiority when he's giving me lines from RADIO SHOWS?

Yanaj: HAHAHAHAHAHHA and he hasn't figured out that there's NO WAY you should be getting these answers?

Bone Junior: Nope, because I always throw in some smart ass remark about how easy the quote was.

Yanaj: Wouldn't it be hilarious to discover that your dad knew all along, he was just letting you win to make you feel good ?

Bone Junior: Yanaj. He doesn't even know what Google is.


li'l mil said...

Well, now he does! I just taught him. And forwarded your post to him, just so he'd feel more informed :) You can thank me later.

$teve said...

I've done that before. You know what also works, referring to an obscure movie that he would never watch. "You can't handle the truth. Come on, what movie's that from?" "Come on dad, that was in Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Something more difficult." "(Look) What the f**k is...what you said? That was from A Few Good Men." "Oh really, well it was in Nick & Norah too. I wouldn't waste my time watching it though." :)