Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, I'm alive.

It's been over a month since I've posted, and you'd think that I have a really good excuse for not posting, or at least some really exciting story about my travels or....something. Sadly, I do not. What I do have are tales of job hunting, interviews, wedding receptions, more interviews, even MORE interviews, and about a million rejection letters - which all arrived on the exact same day.

It's been a rough month. Let's recap.

Jobs applied for: roughly one million
Interviews: about thirty
Second interviews: probably ten
Rejection letters: do the math, minus one.
Friends who got engaged: 2
Best friends who got engaged: 1
Friends who got married: 4
Receptions I attended looking super hot to make up for the fact that I'm still single: 3
Friends who had a baby: 1
Friends who got pregnant: 2

New jobs accepted: 1

So there's the silver lining.


HPLuvr said...

and the new job is...?

Blasé said...

I didn't know Elvis played for the Eagles...Damn!

Tarable said...

Glad to have you back. Been wondering...

Josh and Gloriana said...

i missed you! i want to hear about your new job!!! hooraaaaayyy!!!! we must email.

andi said...

YAY for new jobs!!! I would love to hear the story...especially the interview, seeing how past interviews have been QUITE entertaining. You're not a Hooters girl, are you?

li'l mil said...

I can't believe you left out all the good details! I mean, I'd think you'd want to brag about being a car model and the awesome swim suit you get to wear. And not even a picture of the HEELS? Seriously, what kind of return is this?!? I expect full coverage (hahahahaaaa, sorry, bad pun) of the swim suit, the heels, the revolving stage, and how you slipped the first time you leaned against the car because you were so oiled up.

$teve said...

I was wondering about the new job too...but then I read Li'l Mil's comment and blacked out. :)

Em and Jer said...

Gosh you are funny bone!