Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's A Christmas Miracle

... and I'm not just talking about the Eagles making the playoffs, although that was a miracle all in itself. But as they say...I promise that's not just a gratuitous shot of my bazoombas, its a gratuitous shot of the awesome t-shirt my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas. But no matter how I tried to take the picture, it always came out looking like a gratuitous shot of my bazoombas. Enjoy.

The real Christmas miracle actually happened on Christmas morning when I opened a different gift from my brother-in-law. It felt like a book, and when I opened it, it was a book. A book called Your Pregnancy and Birth, which caused quite the ruckus among my family.

Step-sister: "You're PREGNANT??"
Step-mother: "Well, we always want more grandkids!"
Grandmother: Nervous laughter. "Well! I don't know if that's good news or bad news!"
Step-sister: "You're PREGNANT!!??"
Father: Extremely not amused.
Brother-in-law: Extremely amused.
Bone Senior: In the bathroom.

The Christmas miracle being, of course, that I was rendered speechless. And also had to spend the remainder of my time at home convincing my father that I was not, in fact, pregnant. I'm pretty sure it's going to take another nine months and the absence of a baby to convince him.

In other holiday news, I cleaned up once again as the world's coolest aunt. Behold the latest crop of onesies for Li'l Mil:

And behold the greatest pillow case ever made, given to my good friend G:
I call it my Matt Damon picture. Merry Christmas!


li'l mil said...

I guess you could always take Dad to Target, open a pregnancy test, use it in the bathroom, leave the box on the shelf and prove him wrong...

Rose said...

I say send him a baby announcement in 9 months.

Josh and Gloriana said...

hahahah nice wideopen mouth shot !

$teve said...

The Eagles have never looked better!!! :)

I did something similar at my sister-in-law's birthday dinner last year. The whole family was at Olive Garden and she was checking out the wine I say,

"Do you think you should be drinking?"
"Why not?"
" your condition?"

My mom immediately turned her stare from the menu to my sister-in-law...and I excused myself to the bathroom and watched from afar. Guys are just the most hilarious kind of evil. :)

LecNessMonster said...

Reading this made ME nervous, even though you told me the story in person.

I'm afraid of Brother In Law now, I think.

Marostica said...

Speachless really? I would have to witness it to believe it. Umm the girls are still a float...lookin good. Oh I mean the birds lookin good. I love the ipood, my aunt is hot, and you have given Matt Damon a run for his money. Someone should let him know he has a look a like, but much tanner!

The Mad Scientist said...

As far as the pregnancy thing goes- I think you should just let it sit for a while. Then after a few months, there is an abortion angle to the situation that could be quite hilarious if played right!