Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Post Number Ninety Nine: In Which I Do Something Both Amazing & Incredible and Become Domestic and all Girly-like

I make no secret of the fact that I am the polar opposite of crafty, creative, and anything domestic. I'm comfortable admitting that the extent of my cooking is making tuna melts or bologna sandwiches.

But something came over me yesterday - maybe it was Lent - and I decided to make cinammon rolls from scratch, thanks to a super secret recipe from a party who shall remain anonymous. Suffice it to say that the offering of this recipe risks the life of this person - it came to me wax-sealed in an ancient envelope by a wizard who warned me to "Keep it secret...keep it safe...." and then I met this hobbit and a really hot elf, and we were being chased by these ring wraiths....oh wait. Wrong story.

I was feeling ambitious until I started to mix the dough, and subsequently started crying because my fingers were all stuck together and webbed and I stared to panic because I thought I was ruining everything, and clearly I'm not cut out for making homemade cinammon rolls from scratch.

But Yanaj came to the rescue, lovingly scraping the dough from my cemented fingers and helping me create something that was truly a masterpiece, and will probably never happen again. Part of the masterpiece was the two flour-handprints on my bosom, as pictured.

In the end, I gorged myself on the most divine cinammon rolls I have ever had, hands down. And I'm paying for it today, as I feel like my blood has been replaced by icing and I'm moving in super slow motion.And my tears were not in vain, as the tasty treats were enjoyed by many friends, neighbors, and co-workers, including one Huge Bald Guy With Biceps As Big As My Head, who gave me THREE, count them, THREE lingering hugs and nonstop smiling.
In other news, I'm taking votes on what to give up for Lent. Whoever has the best idea wins! Please suggest something like Sci-Fi, or British comedies, because I have no trouble giving those up. Sorry Yanaj.


Andi said...

Whatever you do, don't give up cinnamon rolls! Holy cow those look good! I would give you lingering hugs if I were so lucky to stuff my face with those too!

How bout you give up your bra for Lent?

g said...

I was going to say give up pants for Lent, but a bra would work just as well.

The Rules said...

If you're looking for easy things to give up for Lent, then I'd have to say that beard growing or peeing in the shower are your best bets.

Tarable said...

I want one of those sooooo bad right now.

Thinkerbelle said...

I know! I know!

You should give up...ummm...BRUSHING YOUR TEETH!

Trust me, the sacrifice will be noted by all.

Bone Junior said...

Giving up my bra would mean giving up my boobs, since I don't really have boobs until I buy the bra with the boobs built in.

Lent will be a sad time.

Erin said...

did i miss the memo or did you suddenly become catholic? I am so confused...but if you must give something up you should give up one of your jobs so that I can see you more often. I feel like we are starngers passing in the night sometimes.