Thursday, January 05, 2012

One Year Derbyversary

Today marks exactly one year since I strapped on my gear and skated with the Rockettes for the very first time. I can't believe it's been an entire year, and I can't believe how much my life has changed because of joining the Rockettes.

A year ago, I could barely stand up on skates, let alone take a hit, and forget hitting someone. I couldn't fall properly, which I learned the hard way by falling all. The. Time. I was scared of everything, and was terrified of being a failure.

A year ago, I had a handful of close friends and I'm pretty sure they were all growing weary of my constant neediness. I'd been working three jobs and had no balance in my life - pretty much all I did was work, eat Burger King, and have emotional meltdowns. My poor sister - between trying to make me stop crying, and trying to make her two-year-old daughter stop crying; she had her hands full.

Then all at once, things started to change, and now I know why. I was offered a position at work that allowed me to finally cut back to one job for the first time in years. My previous schedule had me going from a full-time day job straight to a part-time night job Monday - Thursday, and then a different job on the weekends. Suddenly I had all of my nights free and I had no idea what I would do with myself. Then Gina brought up the idea of roller derby, the stars aligned to get me my first pair of incredibly sucky Big-5 skates, and the rest is history.

But it's more than just history. The Rockettes have become such a big part of my life that it's impossible to imagine my life now without them. Learning how to skate and play derby has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done. It has been both the most inflating and the most deflating thing to my ego. There were times when I cried the whole way home after practice, and times when I've wanted to cry out of sheer elation. I wanted to quit more often then I'd like to admit, but every time I go back, I can't imagine ever leaving.

Now I find myself surrounded by friends, and not a day goes by without a chat, text or phone call from at least one derby girl. I found an entire community of people who support, love, and encourage each other. Sure there's drama - good luck getting fifty girls together without there being some kind of drama - but none if it matters in the long run. It's impossible for me to express my thanks to everyone.

To keep this short and sweet, I'll end on this note: there's a popular phrase that says, "Roller derby saved my soul." As nice as that sounds, I don't agree with it; because with all the ups and downs, confidence highs and lows, blood, sweat and tears, it isn't roller derby that saved me - it's the Red Rockettes.


Tristin Zinke said...

I almost started crying when I read this. Derby too has changed my life but more so the Red Rockettes. I'm sure we are the luckiest girls in the world to have found such an amazing group of girls to skate with. One girl girl I skate with has made a huge impact on my life and that happens to be you Bone. Love you tons!

Camille Kemp said...

You. Are. Welcome. 3> you!

spyderette said...

awww! this made me feel all squishy inside. the Red Rockettes saved my soul too! :) xoxox

Deidra said...

Awww! I'm so glad you joined when you did! The RR wouldn't be the same without you! Love your bones,

Heather said...

My only regret with joining the Red Rockettes, is not actually taking the much needed time to show up and focus on myself. If you add up the nights I have made it in the past year, it may equal an entire session....or not.

Without a single doubt, I met THE most amazing and supportive women in existance. I can not believe the love and encouragement I have had, from people I just met, but am in love with. My life has changd in the past year as well, and I owe so much to this derby league.

You are so amazing Bone, I idolize you in so many ways.

Forever Boned,

Jackie said...

Viva the derby! I'm glad you signed up too.

Andrea said...

Amen, Bone! I've always said that roller derby and roller derby with the Red Rockettes are not synonymous. There really is something special about our league. And I know, for one, that I am so glad you strapped on those Big 5 skates a year ago. The Red Rockettes wouldn't be the same without you. Not even a little bit.

Tarable said...

There's a saying that says "Nothing worth having comes easy". It's it the truth?

When you work hard at something and it comes to fruition, doesn't it just feel damn good? So proud of you for knowing it was right for you and working through the tough times to get to the good ones.

Also, it makes me happy to read that you're happy!

Anonymous said...

I believe derby has saved my life!! Thanks Bone! RR's forever!