Monday, April 04, 2011

Roller Derby: Bonus Week 13: No Pants Night

You read that right - No Pants Night. You may be saying, "What, pray tell, is No Pants Night?" Well, I'll show you.That, my friends, is No Pants Night. See me with my purple tights and no pants? Now enjoy my mad rhyming skillz:

No pants Ruby, no pants Bone;
Never so much booty have I shown.

No pants blockers form a no pants wall,

Gina on her no pants did fall.

No pants Jammer,

No pants pack;

No pants skating around the track.

Teeny little black ones and fishnets galore;

Manna wonders, "Do I look like a whore?"

Disco Pony rocks shiny no pants;
While Bruiser demonstrates perfect derby stance.

No pants Wanton, no pants Blue;
No pants derby is the thing to do.

No pants Bruiser has skillz that are honed;
But in the end, Bruiser gets no pants Boned.

Everyone got into the spirit of things for the last practice of our first 12-week course. We were all so shaken up and anxious from the week before that Wanton declared a No Pants Night to get us out of our comfort zones, help us relax, and most of all, to remind us all that we are there to have fun. And it really worked - I felt totally uninhibited (both figuratively and literally) and it was the most fun night of derby yet. "1-2-3, NO PANTS!"


em said...

A haiku for you:

No one compares to
The hilarity of Bone
With or without pants

You may need to start a "Best of Bone" in your sidebar so people can find gems like this even quicker.

IndyGo Wylde said...

Nice poem Dr Bone Seuss! Love it. You rock the no pants BTW.

Heather said...

I love the haiku! And totally agree.

If I pull up your blog on my computer, will you come sign my screen?