Monday, December 21, 2009

'Tis the Season for Pooing in the Potty


Those were the words screamed at me by an excited Li'l Mil last week after he'd sucessfully pooed in the potty. After being bribed with a new Lightning McQueen by Bone Senior, and after the promise of a new Sally car hand delivered by Aunt Sashie if he'd go poop in the potty.

Bone Junior: You DID!!!!! Did you go in the potty?

Li'l Mil: YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! (pause) You bring me Sally now, right??

I wish I got that excited every time I pooed in the potty. Then again, I probably WOULD get that excited if Bone Senior bribed ME with new Lightning McQueen too...

And just to erase the mental image of me pooing in the potty, please to enjoy my annual self-centered Christmas card:

O Come Let Us Adore Me!


Mil said...

I'm impressed by Santa's self-restraint with his right hand, just letting it sit calmly on his knee like that, when we all know what he's thinking under that fluffy white beard: "Don't slap it, don't slap it, don't slap it..."

2 days? 1 day? 3 days?? I've lost track.

li'l mil said...

WHOOPS--that was ME, not The Hub. Just FYI. We all know The Hub would NEVER visualize Santa smacking your rear. Or at least, he'd never vocalize it :)

I just realized I was signed in as him. HAHHAHAAA!

Hoss.Rose.MiniB said...

Ahh, the memories I don't have. Glad I don't remember my first poo in the potty, I do remember pooing on the floor outside of the bathroom because someone was in there though. I learned that is not where you are supposed to go.

andi said...

My friend at work has twins who are potty training...and she busted in on him on the potty one morning and goes, "Whatcha doin'?"
"Going to the bathroom."
"Oohh. Did you go?"
"YAY DADDY!!!!!!"
Just like they do for them. She continues to cheer for daddy's potty masterpieces, too.

I'm excited for you that you get to go home for Christmas and see family. And deliver Sallies.