Friday, December 12, 2008

All I Want for Christmas

Have you heard of I hadn't either until my family decided that this year we would do a secret santa gift exchange instead of everyone buying for everyone. My step-sister Jennifer found Elfster, which randomly assigns names, lets you set up a wish list, and even lets you anonymously ask your person questions.

You know there was way too much potential for me to be a complete smart ass. Here's my wishlist. (You have to click on every link.)

Elfster has standard questions you can ask your person, such as, "Who are your favorite authors?" or "What size shirt do you wear?", boring things like that. You know I had to spice it up a bit, so I asked my person the following:

"What do you want for Christmas?"

I'm all about taking the easy way out.


andi said...

You should have just registered. Not like you've never done THAT before. Let me know if you get the megahorn.

Val said...

My Fav is the tastycakes and the batman figurine! Here's to hopin' you get it all!:)

The Mad Scientist said...

I am a big fan of gift cards.

Or cash... it's always the right color, and always the right size.

And I hope you get the fan-helmet thing. It will be nice for celebrations if the sports team gets a home-run or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

MG said...

I hope you get the voice-changing spy megaphone. Then you can keep it in the car to yell at rude drivers. Because, you know, your voice would be changed and no one would be able to detect your identity.

li'l mil said...

You forgot to mention the rest of your questions:

"Given that space and time are infinite, who would win in a fight: Superman or Mighty Mouse?"

"In your own words, please tell me why I should buy you anything."

"Describe your ideal date."

Although I guess the last two aren't technically questions, just orders.

$teve said...

I wonder if the Tri-Tech blaster could fire Tasty Klairs... That sounds deadly delicious to me. :)

Erin said...

I already got you all that. now what is your family member going to get you? :)

I really want the megaphone spy thingy...thats pretty sweet.